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Heterodoxy $25.00

Lesbians have always been at the forefront of change. Heterodoxy, by Judith Schwartz, tells of a club for “unorthodox” women that began in 1912 with an original group of twenty-five ardent feminists and fiercely individualistic members.

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I Change, I Change eBook

I Change, I Change eBook $6.95

Barbara Deming was one of the most dearly loved and respected political activists and essayists of our time. Through her words and actions, Deming was a constant crusader for equality and justice.

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I Knew You Would Call

I Knew You Would Call $10.95

Phone psychic Marta Goicochea with the help of her outrageous butch cousin Mary Clare, tries to help a friend accused of murder. On the way to a heart-pounding ending, Marta awakens to her own erotic recovery.

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I Never Read Thoreau

I Never Read Thoreau $10.95

From Karen Saum, author of the Brigid Donovan mystery series (Murder Is Material, Murder Is Germane, Murder Is Relative) comes a quirky murder mystery set on a remote Maine island, involving ex-nuns, political refugees, drifters, and eccentric locals.

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If Looks Could Kill

If Looks Could Kill $9.95

In this mystery by Frances Lucas, Diana Mendoza, scriptwriter for a popular TV detective series, as she finds herself drawn into a plot she didn’t create. Things are not that simple when Diana’s increasing attraction to the prime suspect takes over.

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In Every Laugh A Tear

In Every Laugh A Tear $11.95

"In Every Laugh A Tear is a very special book. Make a space in your life to read it and give it to all your friends, gay or not, goy or not. An irresistible, quintessential, Big lesbian novel." -Lee Lynch

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Just A Little Lie eBook

Just A Little Lie eBook $6.95

In the Fourth Alison Kaine Mystery by Kate Allen, girlfriend Stacy is putting on a lesbian leather event--with tantrums by tops, badly behaving ex’s, and picketing separatists.

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Kali Connection

Kali Connection $9.95

In the First Lynn Evans Mystery by Claudia McKay, will Lynn Evans write the news story of her life or end up tiger bait? Join Lynn as her desires for the beautiful and enigmatic Marta, lead her to investigate a mysterious Eastern cult.

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Killing at the Cat

Killing at the Cat $6.95

In the First Lexy Hyatt Mystery, a woman is found dead at The Cat, newspaper reporter Lexy Hyatt's favorite lesbian bar, where she finds herself losing her objectivity and running head on into an emotional quandary.

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Lady God eBook

Lady God eBook $6.95

In this novel by Lesa Luders, meet Landy, a young woman who after a childhood spent in poverty and isolation, moves into town, meets her out lesbian neighbor, and slowly untangles her recurring nightmares and confusion about her emerging sexuality.

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Lady Lobo

Lady Lobo $9.95

Heat and sweat… on and off the basketball court! Casey Ellison, brash young jock dyke, heads off to college to fulfill her life-long dream; to play basketball with the best, a major-league championship team.

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Lesbian Stages

Lesbian Stages $9.95

Sarah Dreher’s play scripts are treasures: good yarns firmly centered in a Lesbian perspective; peopled with specific, complex, often contradictory - "just like real people"-characters...

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Lesbomania $9.95

Jorjet Harper defines Lesbomania as being in love with being a lesbian, and she fully expects this romance to last a lifetime. It pokes fun at the strange situations lesbians often find ourselves in and at the straight world which pretends we don't exist

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Locked Down

Locked Down $8.95

The compelling story of Mary "Lee" Dortch, a lesbian who came of age at a time when there was little support for women who didn't fit society's gender norms.

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Mayhem At The Marina

Mayhem At The Marina $11.95

In the Second Lexy Hyatt Mystery, Lexy is on a friend's boat when a body is found floating in the water. She hopes to clear her newfound friends, including a young woman named Charlie, who has hidden the murder weapon.

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Mommy Deadest

Mommy Deadest $11.95

In the Third Meg Darcy Mystery by Jean Marcy, Meg’s precocious eleven-year-old niece Jen comes to visit. The two become a Darcy investigating team as they comb for clues after the beloved principle of Scott Joplin High School is killed.

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Murder in the Castro

Murder in the Castro $10.95

A Mystery by Elaine Beale. “Stop the Violence” is the ringing refrain after a counselor for a gay advocacy agency is found stabbed to death in his office. The victim’s co-worker is arrested, and lesbian cop, Alex Ramon, arrives on the scene to investigate

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Murder Is Material

Murder Is Material $9.95

In this Brigid Donovan Mystery by Karen Saum is a tangled web of money, madness and murder! Amateur sleuth Brigid Donovan, is enlisted by a young woman named Julie, to look into threats against her life.

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Murder on the Mother Road

Murder on the Mother Road $12.95

This novel by Brenda Weathers is filled with delightfully off-beat characters. Join Libby as she cruises Route 66, the Mother Road, and runs right into murder and money grabbing relatives.

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Nine Nights On The Windy Tree

Nine Nights On The Windy Tree $10.95

In this mystery by Martha Miller, life takes an odd twist for black lawyer, Bertha Brannon, when a man shows up dead in her office. She has to figure out what danger threatens her grandmother.... who is the real Sally Morescki … and what family secrets a

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