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No Daughter Of The South

No Daughter Of The South $10.95

In this mystery by Cynthia Webb, New York journalist Laurie Coldwater is investigating the mysterious death of a black man – the father of her new love, Samantha.

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Nun in the Closet

Nun in the Closet $9.95

In this mystery by Joanna Michaels, a nun is killed in a suspicious car accident. Is it simply because she was befriended by a lesbian bar owner? The case gets interesting when yet another nun murdered and Callie discovers that sex and money are involved.

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Off The Rag

Off The Rag $12.95

In this collection edited by Lee Lynch and Akia Woods, are some of the best lesbian writers offering a powerful view of their menopausal lives. It’s all here, spontaneous hot flashes, painful decisions, anger, conflict and laughter, not to mention great s

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OtherWorld eBook

OtherWorld eBook $6.95

In the Fifth Stoner McTavish Mystery by Sarah Dreher, Marylou is kidnapped while they are at Disney World, and when Stoner attempts to rescue her they find the curtain between illusion and reality has more than a few holes.

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Owl of the Desert

Owl of the Desert $12.95

Ida Swearingen’s fast-paced thriller follows a young woman’s trials with her rebel father, incarceration and her need to bring him to justice.

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Queer Japan eBook

Queer Japan eBook $7.95

The first ever in-depth view of queer life in Japan, these personal stories of Japanese Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals, edited and translated by Barbara Summerhawk, Cheiron McMahill and Darren McDonald, span generations.

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Rafferty Street

Rafferty Street $10.95

Small town lesbian bus driver, Annie Heaphy strives to keep her job amidst sexual misconduct allegations. This novel by Lee Lynch, reflects a spectrum of current events and captures the emotional upheaval faced by a working class dyke.

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Relationships Can Be Murder

Relationships Can Be Murder $12.95

In this mystery by Jane DiLucchio, Dee DelValle has always regretted her fling with Los Angeles TV newscaster and woman-about-town Sheila Shelbourne. Not only did it cause a break up with her longtime lover, but now she is suspect numero uno in Sheila’s m

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Reporter On The Run eBook

Reporter On The Run eBook $6.95

The Third Lexy Hyatt Mystery. Lexy finds herself in the middle of a vicious fight between twin owners, Andrea and Andrew Standish, for control over The Ledger, their family-owned newspaper.

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Salt Rock Mysteries eBook

Salt Rock Mysteries eBook $6.95

In this mystery by Magdalena Zchokke, travel to a tropical Caribbean island filled with ancestral secrets, drug smuggling, and murder, interwoven with a sensuous love story.

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Secrets $8.95

Most of us are aware of the power of words both spoken and written, but what about the power of words not spoken or written – the power of secrets? From serious to delightful, this collection of short stories touch on the secrets of our lives.

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Shaman's Moon eBook

Shaman's Moon eBook $6.95

In the Seventh Stoner McTavish Mystery by Sarah Dreher, Stoner embarks on a spiritual journey that forces her to come face to face with the demons of her own past. A psychological thriller.

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She Scoops To Conquer

She Scoops To Conquer $11.95

In this mystery by Robin Brandeis, reporter Lane Montgomery is so hung up on her rival she can hardly think straight. Brave and confident, she is determined not to be scooped despite her unnerving passion for this seductive competitor.

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Skin To Skin eBook

Skin To Skin eBook $6.95

Lesbian Erotic short stories by Martha Miller. Nineteen love stories sharing the intimate, evocative, romantic moments of women's lives. "These are warm, generous, sexy stories about women you will recognize." --Tee A. Corinne

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Slay Me Tender eBook

Slay Me Tender eBook $6.95

In the Second Aubrey Lyle Mystery by Jenny Scholten, big bosoms, back rent and bad guys abound in this lively depiction of San Francisco's nightlife. "Scholten delivers tightly woven prose, smooth characters with a penchant for down-and-dirty action....

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Solitaire and Brahms

Solitaire and Brahms $12.95

Describing lesbian oppression in the 1950’s – the devastating conflict between one’s public and private life – in most intimate detail. A novel by Sarah Dreher

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Something Shady eBook

Something Shady eBook $6.95

In the Second Stoner McTavish Mystery by Sarah Dreher, Stoner goes undercover on the rocky coast of Maine to a fog bound village and an old house where things go bump in the night...

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Sparkling Rain eBook

Sparkling Rain eBook $7.95

In this new collection of Fiction edited by Barbara Summerhawk and Kimberly Hughes, we have for the first time in English, words of women loving women – a passion which exists in all cultures and throughout time, in writings from Japanese lesbians.

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Sparks Might Fly

Sparks Might Fly $6.95

Pip Martin, trained from the age of four to become a brilliant concert pianist, returns home to Boston in disgrace following a botched performance and a cancelled European tour.

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Stalking the Goddess Ship eBook

Stalking the Goddess Ship eBook $6.95

In this Cal Meredith Mystery by Marsha Mildon, PI Cal Meredith uncovers a sordid web of exploitation. Suspects and villains abound in this complex mystery set against a background of fishing boats and cold water scuba diving in the Pacific Northwest.

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