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Stoner McTavish eBook

Stoner McTavish eBook $6.95

In the First Stoner McTavish Mystery by Sarah Dreher you will find Stoner battling villainy, terror, and the elements to save the womyn of her dreams.

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Sudden Loss of Serenity

Sudden Loss of Serenity $12.95

In this mystery by Jacqueline Wallen, Claire Winston wakes up to a double disaster. Her teenage daughter Serenity has disappeared and her best friend Marlene is found murdered in a nearby cemetery.

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Takes One To Know One

Takes One To Know One $6.95

In the Third Alison Kaine Mystery by Kate Allen, Alison and her delightfully eccentric circle of friends, travel to a women's spirituality retreat in New Mexico, where Alison discovers the dead body of a lesbian 'shaman' in the sweat lodge.

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Tales From The Dyke Side

Tales From The Dyke Side $10.95

Lesbomania author Jorjet Harper, takes off once again with her unique blend of humor and wry commentary, exploring the lesbian cultural panorama. Jorjet finds lesbians in places you would never have thought to look!

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Talk Show eBook

Talk Show eBook $6.95

In this novel by Melissa Hartman, you will find Nita, who grew up with the fame and drug abuse of her rock superstar mother, Gina Wilde. Now her aunt Jane, a lesbian talk show host, wants Nita to be part of a show that will dispel the myths about her moth

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Tell Me What You Like

Tell Me What You Like $11.95

In the First Alison Kaine Mystery by Kate Allen, Alison is warily attracted to one of her prime suspects, a dominatrix named Stacy. Provocative, with a seamy, erotic edge.

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The Little Butch Book

The Little Butch Book $10.00

From the author of such classics as A Letter to Harvey Milk, and Heather Has Two Mommies, a collection of sexy, witty, luscious love poems to butches as only femme author Leslea Newman could write them.

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Theoretically Dead

Theoretically Dead $11.95

In this mystery by Tinker Marks, Claire Sinclair, professor of economics at Hammond College, wants nothing to do with her partner, Emma Harrington's philosophy conference. Scholars from all over are coming to discuss the life and work of brilliant philoso

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Torrid Zone eBook

Torrid Zone eBook $6.95

In this mystery novel by ReBecca Beguin, is a murder unsolved, and a love long hidden. After two decades of quietly working a country farm, Ida Muret reluctantly abandons her solitude and agrees to conceal babydyke Viv Lovejoy from a stalker.

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Twist of Lime

Twist of Lime $10.95

In the Second Lynn Evans Mystery by Claudia McKay, Lynn has joined her college friend, Dr. Sarah Donovan, at a Mayan archaeological dig on the coast of Belize. When a woman is found dying, Lynn must sort out the truth to clear her friend of murderous accu

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Under A Restless Moon

Under A Restless Moon $6.95

Rebecca Delgado, physical education teacher, finds a dead body on campus and more than she bargained for while investigating the case with Detective Kendall Reed.

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