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Reporter On The Run eBook

The Third Lexy Hyatt Mystery. Lexy finds herself in the middle of a vicious fight between twin owners, Andrea and Andrew Standish, for control over The Ledger, their family-owned newspaper.

( Carlene Miller )

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The Third of the Lexy Hyatt Mysteries by Carlene Miller

Brash and reckless Andrew Standish is intent on turning the family newspaper into a right-wing tabloid, until he turns up dead during a race sponsored by the paper. His twin sister Andrea has the most to gain from his untimely demise, but Lexy, convinced of her innocence, pursues her own investigation.

"With several sizzling sex scenes to spice things up and some intriguing minor characters, Reporter is a fun read" --Lambda Book Report.

190 pages
ISBN 978-1-892281-14-2

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